The Swedish Club Presents
Vikings to Volvos
Join us every Friday evening as we explore Scandinavian history through a series of recent video productions, drawing upon recent archaeological and genetic investigations that augment traditional sources. At the Club, 5:45 p.m. Led by Board Member Larry Johnson.

Part I: We move from the dawn of mankind, through Europe’s Dark Ages, the Viking Age, and ending with the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.
Date Name PartMin. Summary
11/20/15 The Vikings: Scandinavian Society in the Bronze Age330Dr. Kenneth Harl outlines Scandinavian society in the Bronze Age.
12/4The Vikings: Scandinavia in Celtic and Roman Ages430Dr. Harl discusses Scandinavia in the Celtic and Roman ages.
12/11Civilization: By the Skin of our Teeth, Part 11/225In this the first episode of Sir Kenneth Clark’s 1969 epic Civilization series, Clark travels from Byzantine Ravenna to the Celtic Hebrides, from the Norway of the Vikings to Charlemagne’s chapel at Aachen, telling his story of the Dark Ages—the six centuries following the collapse of the Roman Empire.
12/18Civilization: By the Skin of our Teeth, Part 22/225Continuation of Clark’s first episode of the Civilization series.
1/8/16The Vikings: Age of Migrations530Dr. Harl continues with the Age of Migrations, 400–800 A.D., focusing on the cultural development of the Germanic people.
1/15NOVA: The Vikings,
Part 1
1/340The 2000 NOVA special provides an all-encompassing overview of the Viking Age from the late 8th century to the beginning of the 12th century. Covers Viking invasions of British Isles and France.
1/22NOVA: The Vikings,
Part 2
2/340We continue with this general overview with part 2, journeys to Constantinople and Iceland.
1/29NOVA: The Vikings,
Part 3
3/340We continue with this general overview with part 3, settlement and exploration of North America.
2/5The Vikings: Norse Gods630Dr. Harl provides an overview of Viking Age religion.
2/12The Vikings: A Revolution in Ship Building930Dr. Harl covers the development of the Viking long ship.
2/19The Great Ships50A 1996 History Channel release delving into the design and construction of the Viking long ship.
2/26Viking Wars: The Norse Terror55Another overview of the Viking Age, focusing on military history. Great computer aided graphics.
3/4Blood of the Vikings: First Blood145A five-part BBC Television 2001 documentary series narrated by Julian Richards, tracing the legacy of the Vikings in the British Isles through a genetics survey conducted by University College London geneticist David Goldstein. This 15-month study compared mouth swabs from 2,500 male volunteers in 25 locations across the country with DNA samples from Scandinavian locals to find out how much Viking heritage remains in the UK.

Loot found in pagan graves in Norway provides some major clues that point to Viking perpetrators in an ancient murder.
3/11Blood of the Vikings: Invasion245In 856 A.D., a massive fleet of Viking ships appeared off the coast of East Anglia, heralding a change in Viking tactics—from raiding to invasion.
3/18Blood of the Vikings: The Sea Road345Julian Richards investigates the impact of the Vikings in Britain. This edition focuses on the archaeological trail left by the Vikings.
3/25Blood of the Vikings: Rulers445Julian Richards recalls how, after years of raiding, England's resistance was so weakened that, in the early 11th century, the Vikings were finally able to seize the throne.
4/1Blood of the Vikings: The Last of the Vikings545In the last of the series, Julian Richards uncovers new information from the battle in 1066 between Viking warlord Harald Hardrada and King Harold, King of the Saxons.
4/8The Vikings: The Danelaw1630Dr. Harl explains how Viking raiding evolved from raids to blackmail.
4/15Viking Apocalypse45A 2011 National Geographic production explores how a burial pit containing 54 beheaded skeletons that was found during road construction uncovers the story of sickening brutality and incredible bravery, and gives you a better understanding of the Vikings’ place in England.
4/22The Vikings: Warfare and Society in the Viking Age1030Dr. Harl discusses the weapons and techniques used in Viking warfare.
4/29Viking Terror45A 2009 History Channel release featuring former Green Beret Terry Schappert exploring Viking fighting techniques and weapons. Great information about Viking battleaxes, bog iron production, and sailing Longships.
5/6Secrets of the Viking SwordThis 2012 NOVA production features an investigation of the making and use of the ULBERHT sword, manufactured with high-strength carbon steel, the making of which is roughly 500 years ahead of its time.
5/13The Vikings: Skaldic Poetry and Sagas2145Dr. Harl discusses the Skaldic poetry of Iceland.
5/20Vikings Journey to the New World60This 2006 IMAX production traces Icelandic exploration of the northeastern coast of North America.
5/27The Vikings: Swedes in the Baltic Sea and Russia2330Dr. Harl discusses the Swedish/Viking link and how they expanded trade in the Baltic Sea and moved deep into Russia.
6/3The Vikings: The Road to Byzantium2430Dr. Harl explains how the Swedes developed trade routes to the Black Sea, prospering from trade.
6/10The Vikings: From Varangians into Russians2530Dr. Harl discusses the transformation of a Swedish warrior class into the Russian ruling class.
6/17The Normans: Part 11/350This 2008 series discusses the Viking settlement of Normandy, their cultural development, and the end of the Viking Age with the invasion of Normandy in 1066.
6/24The Normans: Part 22/350Part II of the Normans
7/1The Normans: Part 33/350Part III of the Normans

Part II: In the second part of our Vikings to Volvos series we start with the Middle Ages, and end up somewhere before Volvos were rolling through the Swedish countryside.
Date Name Part Min. Summary
7/8Vasa 1628, Part 1 1/2 60 Anders Wahlgren’s 2001 two-part documentary about 17th-century Sweden and the building and sinking of the Royal warship Vasa. English subtitles.
7/15Vasa 1628, Part 2 2/2 60 Anders Wahlgren’s 2001 two-part documentary about 17th-century Sweden and the building and sinking of the Royal warship Vasa. English subtitles.