Swedish Pancake Breakfasts

The Katrilli Finnish Folkdancers entertain at a pancake breakfast. Photo by Martin Ng. See more photos.

Award-Winning and Famous

Swedish pancake breakfasts have resumed at the Swedish Club! We're offering pancakes for takeout; we hope to return to sit-down service when King County enters Phase 4. Takeout pancakes are $11; please purchase in advance. Beverages $1.

By far one of our most popular and famous events, every first Sunday of the month we serve up authentic Swedish pancakes for our members and our friends in the community! The pancake breakfast is open to the public, so come and experience what is often imitated, but never quite done right. In addition to Swedish pancakes, there's music and folk dancing, good friends, and real Swedish coffee. Everyone is welcome!

Our breakfast runs between 9 a.m. and noon on the first Sunday of every month, with two exceptions: there is no breakfast in July, and thanks to Labor Day weekend, our September breakfast happens on the second Sunday rather than the first.

Pancakes Pannkakor
Ham Skinka
Whipped Cream Vispgrädde
Lingonberries Lingon
Strawberries Jordgubbar
Milk Mjölk
Tea Te
Coffee Kaffe
Cream Grädde
Water Vatten
Orange Juice Apelsinjuice
Butter Smör
Syrup Lönnsirap

If you would like to volunteer and help at the pancake breakfast, please and let us know!

For more about our pancake breakfasts, read the cover story from our November 2008 newsletter.