2015 Giving Campaign
More than 50 years ago, an earlier generation of Club members made a courageous and visionary choice: They selected the east side of Queen Anne Hill for a new building. At the time, the Club was over 60 years old, located in a waning neighborhood in downtown Seattle. It was a leap of faith, but they knew that the location and their efforts were about the next generation. They persevered, and many of them devoted countless hours and gave significant donations to make their vision a reality.

Contributor: $100

Supporter: $250

Patron: $500

Benefactor: $1,000

Three Crowns
      Circle: $5,000


Their work resulted in the grand facility we enjoy today. And now there’s a new generation of Club members with strong ties to the place. But time seems to travel in a circle, and we’re back to the need to refurbish and care for the Club for yet another “next generation.”

We plan the Club’s programs to make sure you’ll have music, entertainment, good food, fun events and opportunities such as Swedish language classes, genealogy and a library for all generations. But we need one more thing to ensure a vibrant Club—we need your help. To provide a building and a community that are sustainable into the next 50 years will take everyone’s support.

Won’t you help us maintain the Club by donating today? Caring for the building’s long-term future is essential for our continued success. Your donation will actively help us prepare for the next generation.

Please donate today. Your gift is fully tax deductible, and will be processed on a secure server. If your employer matches donations, that’s a way to leverage your gift toward helping the Club even more.

You can also give to the Club by purchasing a premium membership, which entitles you to extra perks, including free meals, a subscription to Swedish Press, or an invitation to an exclusive event.

All of us must work together to sustain the Club and move it forward. Only with your help can the Club continue to be an incredible gathering place—for us and for the next generation.