2017 Giving Campaign
Certain words hold meaning for us at the Swedish Club: community, heritage, authenticity, continuity, Nordic culture, generations. Perhaps these words mean something special for you, too—or perhaps you could add to the list.
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Take continuity, for example. Members tell us about their memories from 30 years ago: hiding from their parents under the dining tables or running up the stairs ahead of their grandparents. They love and support the Swedish Club because of these fond memories.

Or authenticity. Members say they love the Club because it’s an authentic part of old Seattle. It’s the only place where they can get a real Swedish lunch or celebrate the traditions they remember from childhood—and introduce them to their own children. Still others respect the Nordic values, mindset and perspective they find at the Club.

To keep the Swedish Club vital and our traditions alive for our members, our community and, most of all, for our future generations, we ask for your support. We invite you to give today and give generously to the Swedish Club.

Your investment in the Swedish Club is vital. At this juncture in our history—as we stand between our rich past and preparing for a revitalized Club and community of the future, we invite you to participate! Your donation is tax deductible. Won’t you give today?