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If you have some life history, you know that a family or a community can’t gather if it doesn’t have a home. When Mom and Pop move out of the family house, it disrupts the habit of gathering for holidays, celebrations or just a family dinner—until a new home is established.
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And if a community doesn’t have a home, the same disintegration happens in celebrations, gatherings, meals, cohesiveness and so forth.

The community that gathers at the Swedish Club depends on our wonderful building. Members may gather on a Friday evening to enjoy a delicious Swedish meal and some fabulous jazz music on the top floor, while other members are on the second floor learning Scandinavian dance and a third group are on the ground floor practicing English country dance or swing.

Weaving and language students pursue their studies in our building, while musical and dance groups such as Spelmanslag, Katrilli, Nordiska and the Swedish Singers of Seattle come here to practice. Hundreds of little ones—the children of Swedish-speaking parents—also come here to learn to read and write in Swedish.

Hundreds of our members, and even some non-members, volunteer at the Swedish Club. They work to serve meals, cashier at events, fry and serve pancakes, weed and landscape, make membership cards, care for our library and so on.

Newspapers like The Washington Post and The Seattle Times write about us and particularly about our monthly Swedish pancake breakfast, telling the public how much we have to offer.

Then there are the memories. Longtime Club members recall running up and down the stairs in the lobby, hiding under the tablecloths in the dining room, or eating meatballs and singing Lucia songs as youngsters. They’re thankful that those who came before us had the foresight to construct this building and maintain the Club so that it’s here for us today.

But all this activity leads to wear and tear on our building—which requires funds for staff and building upkeep. That’s where you come in with your donations to the Club. Members who donate keep our operations running in the black and help us maintain our wonderful, iconic building.

Invest in the Club’s future by donating today. Your donation can be earmarked for building maintenance and improvements, or program support—or for our endowment fund, the Swedish Club Foundation. It all supports the Club and goes toward helping us thrive.

Your donation helps us maintain our role as the home of Seattle’s Nordic-American community. Gifts of any size can make a difference. And if you can make a stretch gift of $1,000 or more, you’ll be invited to a special contributors’ dinner in the spring. Thank you for supporting what we all love: the Swedish Club and the community that gathers here.