2019–20 Giving Campaign
Even before Christianity came to the Nordic region a thousand years ago, people there had been celebrating midwinter solstice for centuries.

Midwinter was always a time to hunker down, celebrate harvest with friends and coax the sun to return. Many pagan farmers’ customs became the Swedish Christmas traditions we enjoy today. Overall it was a time to cherish the past, savor the present and plan for the future.

Not much different from how we approach the holidays in 2019 at the Swedish Club.

We cherish the past—our memories of events of the past year and the fun we have had. For some, that means memories of the camaraderie at the Club, a delicious Swedish dinner there or even the fun of friends working together as volunteers for an event. Then again, for some, it’s about the remembrance of times past: parents, relatives, friends and how much they enjoyed the Swedish Club and Swedish celebrations.

We savor the present. Members and guests are invited to a long list of events, classes, meals and so on. Every week brings something to do at the Club. We hear from members at a distance how they wish they could come more often. We hope you are coming as often as you can.

We plan for the future. With your help, the Swedish Club has plans for refurbishing our building and increasing our programming. We want to grow our role as the home of the Nordic-American community in Seattle with increased emphasis on Nordic cultural events, such as music, food, dance, celebrations and so on.

It’s all for you—our members and the community at large. You’re at the center of the Club’s plans, during the holidays and throughout the year. Please help your fellow members, your Club and your Nordic American community with your gift to the Swedish Club or Swedish Club Foundation.

Thanks for being a member of the Swedish Club, and a big tack! as well for your support.

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