Shall I Compare Thee to a Sweden Day?

We're still trying to figure out which part of the Swedish Club's National Day celebration was our favorite. The classic Saabs and Volvos? Sylvia and her Fjordsong Band? Nordiska Folkdancers? Or the pork tenderloin? Hey, it was all pretty good. If you missed it, here are some highlights.

Left: Lars Jonsson, Honorary Swedish Consul to Washington and Oregon, delivered a stirring "State of Sweden" speech, which you can read in its entirety right here. When we say "delivered," we mean he sent it to us by e-mail, and it was actually given at our event by Carissa Gardarson. That's because Lars was in Stockholm for the annual National Day bash put on by the royal family. We're doing our best not to envy him.

Top right: Gretchen and Basil Annex won the third prize in our raffle: free pancake breakfasts for a year, plus a bottle of Pancake Wine. They come for pancakes every month, so this prize is much appreciated. Basil reported that it was nearly as monumental as the radio he won when he was 12 years of age. Other raffle winners were as follows: Margaret Murray won the $500 cash first prize, and the second prize of an Orrefors bowl and Swedish royalty tea towel went to Lori Ann Reinhall.

Bottom right: Our Swedes of the Year award went to Martin and Flo Larsson, who are congratulated here by Swedish Consul Emeritus Jahn Hedberg (left) and Club President Terry Anderson (right).

Thanks to everyone who helped our National Day event succeed. We'll keep thinking of ways to make it even better. And if the royal family ever wants to just get away from it all, they're certainly welcome to party with us.